Past Webinars

When we have permission to do so we will record past webinars and share them here. Please feel free to watch it again and share with friends. Check back to this page as we will update it with more recordings.

Ecoregions and Ecological Communities in The Capital Region NY

presented by Steve Young, botanist. For native plant gardeners, it is most beneficial to plant the right plant in the right place. There are four ecoregions in the Capital District, each with its own set of conditions that support a distinct set of ecological communities that support a distinct mixture of native plants that require specific conditions to grow. We will look at what constitutes an ecoregion and an ecological community and the plants they contain so you can select the best plants for your situation. Links to resources: Ecoregions of New York Ecological Communities of New York State Natural Heritage Conservation Guides Environmental Resource Mapper New York Flora Atlas Plant Hardiness Zones

Pollinator-Friendly Solar

Jennifer Michelle from GreenTown Consulting returns with a presentation focused on the best practices for working with your city to ensure solar fields also support pollinators with native plants! Make sure to share the video with your elected officials.

How to Develop a Native Garden Plan

techniques & design ideas, Laura will discuss specific features with consideration for different planting conditions. She will discuss shrinking lawn approaches & design ideas as well as hedgerow, meadow, and woodland planning considerations.

Awaking the Garden in Spring

Our Feb 2023 presentation: Martie Teumim, 20 year Albany County Master Gardener, presents “Awakening the Garden in Spring”. This will include the following topics; planning your garden, starting seeds at home, spring clean-up, amending your soil, reducing and diversifying your lawn, choosing and siting seeds and plants, and more.

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Ecoregions of New York with Botanist Steve Young

Our Jan 2023 presentation invited botanist Steve Young to present the many different and unique ecoregions across the state of New York. He takes us on a digital van tour of the different regions and how the ecosystems and plant communities work within them.

Ecological Communities of New York State
A Gardener’s Guide to Botany
The Northeast Native Plant Primer
NYNHP Online Conservation Guides
Environmental Resource Mapper
Ecoregions of NY PDF
New York Flora Atlas

Involving Municipalities & HOAs in Ecological Landscaping

Our October 2022 presentation invited Jennifer Michelle from GreenTown Consulting to present how our members could start the conversation with municipalities and HOA type organizations. She breaks down how native plants can appeal to these organizations through many different ways.

Put Your Garden To Bed

Our September 2022 presentation used a new format that was shorter, similar to a Ted Talk. Enjoy this 15-minute presentation on how to put your garden to bed using ecologically safe gardening practices.

Creating a Bird Friendly Yard

Our April 2022 presentation by Janet Allen goes over the do’s and don’ts of creating a safe haven for birds in your very own yard. Perfect for beginners and those who are trying to take their garden one step further for the birds!

I’m New to Natives, What Should I Do?

Our February 2022 presentation by Laura Shaddak goes over where to start when planning your native garden. Perfect for beginners or those looking for a refresh on the basics for native gardening.

New to Natives, What Should I Do? by Laura Shaddak

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