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The Big Picture

By now hopefully, you have already decided that returning our neighborhoods and parks to natives is a worthwhile endeavor. If you still need more information still then don’t worry we have you covered. Wild Ones provides a beautiful digital journal but to get the first crack at it make sure you become a member! They will deliver it right to your email inbox and you can always visit the archives on their website.

Let’s Get Local

One of the big challenges of planting native is making sure you are doing right by our ecoregion. There is a lot of work in both removing invasives and then making sure native plants go in their place. Not to mention trying to avoid impostor native plants and any of the insecticides or herbicides. Our chapter will do our best to provide resources that are relevant to the Capital Region of New York.

New York Flora Atlas – Use this website to check that a plant is native to the state of New York. This website was created and maintained by professionals who live in New York. They are the experts working on the ground and know for sure if a plant is native here.
Local Native Plant Nurseries – These local nurseries vary from permanent locations to pop up events. Some of these locations may have started as a traditional nursery and offer nonnative species or offer native to the USA in addition to New York Native plants. Make sure to use resources like the NYFA to ensure you are bringing home a plant that aligns with your ideal garden.


Live is better with more friends! Many of the resources highlighted are through partnerships with other organizations. As mentioned above there are a lot of pieces that go into this puzzle and we can’t be experts in all areas. Instead of this being a weakness we can lean on each other to maximize our efforts!

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