Annual Thacher Native Plant Sale

Please note there will be no “window” shopping before 10 am so our volunteers can finish setting up plants. We will have the Master Gardeners, Wild Ones Capital Region NY, Friends of Thacher, Emma Treadweall Thacher Education Center, and New York Flora Association available to talk to. There is also a beautiful view and some trails to enjoy until we officially open.

Plant Care

Our Volunteers have been hard at work this winter to update our Plant Care Signs we now have all of our signs available in a digital database with a list form in a spreadsheet. This is a project that will constantly be a work in progress as we add more native plant species! We have marked all the plant species we intend to have at the sale just note those with a red “Yes” will only be available in a Native Plant Garden Kit and will not be available for individual sale.

Plants for Sale

Our Propagation Team has been diligently growing plants for months now however they reserve the right to remove any plants from the sale if they do not look well. This will ensure your plants won’t suffer from as much plant shock.

Agastache foeniculumAnise Hyssop
Agastache nepetoidesGiant Yellow Hyssop
Allium cernuumNodding Onion
Anemone canadensisCanada Anemone
Aquilegia canadensisWild Red Columbine
Arisaema triphyllumJack-in-the-Pulpit
Asarum canadenseWild Ginger
Asclepias incarnataSwamp Milkweed
Asclepias tuberosaButterfly Weed
Baptisia tinctoriaSmall Yellow Wild Indigo
Blephilia hirsutaHairy Woodmint
Bouteloua curtipendulaSide-Oats Grama
Campanula rotundifoliaHarebell
Carex bicknelliiCopper Shouldered Oval Sedge
Carex blandaCommon Wood Sedge
Carex pensylvanicaPennsylvania Sedge
Caulophyllum thalictroidesBlue Cohosh
Ceanothus americanusNew Jersey Tea
Celtis occidentalisCommon Hackberry
Cephalanthus occidentalisButtonbush
Cercis canadensisEastern Redbud
Chamaecrista fasciculataPartridge Pea
Chelone glabraWhite turtlehead
Clematis virginianaVirgin’s Bower
Desmodium canadenseShow Tick Trefoil
Dicentra cucullariaDutchman’s Breeches
Dryopteris intermediaWood Fern
Elymus hystrixBottlebush Grass
Eragrostis spectabilisPurple love grass
Erythronium americanumYellow Trout Lily
Eupatorium coelestinumBlue Mistflower
Eupatorium perfoliatumBoneset
Eurybia divaricataWhite Wood Aster
Eutrochium maculatumSpotted Joe Pye Weed
Helianthus divaricatusWoodland Sunflower
Heliopsis helianthoidesEarly Sunflower
Hibiscus laevisRose Mallow Hibiscus
Hierochloe odorataSweet Grass
Liatris scariosa var. novae-angliaeLiatris blazing star
Lindera benzoinSpicebush
Lobelia cardinalisCardinal Flower
Lonicera sempervirensCoral Honeysuckle
Lupinus perennisSundial Lupine
Matteuccia struthiopterisOstrich Fern
Mertensia virginicaVirginia Bluebells
Monarda didymaScarlet Beebalm
Monarda fistulosaWild Bergamot
Monarda punctataSpotted Bee Balm
Oxalis violaceaViolet Wood Sorrel
Penstemon hirsutusHairy Beardtongue
Prunus pumila var depressaSand Cherry
Pycnanthemum muticumShowy Mountain Mint
Quercus rubraRed Oak
Rudbeckia hirtaBlack – eyed Susan
Rudbeckia laciniataCut Leaf Coneflower
Rudbeckia trilobaBrown eyed susan
Sambucus canadensisElderberry
Schizachyrium scopariumLittle Bluestem
Scutellaria incanaHoary Skullcap
Senna hebecarpaWild Senna
Solidago flexicaulisZig Zag Goldenrod
Solidago odoraSweet Goldenrod
Solidago rigidaStiff Leaf Goldenrod
Solidago sempervirensSeaside Goldenrod
Solidago speciosaShowy Goldenrod
Sorghastrum nutansIndian Grass
Sporobolus heterolepisPrairie Dropseed
Symphyotrichum novi-belgiiNew York Aster
Symphyotrichum oolentangiense var. ooSky Blue Aster
Veronicastrum virginicumCulver’s root
Zizia aureaGolden Alexander

More Coming Soon

Make sure to keep an eye on your established native plants to collect seeds from for our Native Plant Celebration in Nov which includes a seed swap: