Several of our chapter members have put their vast knowledge into presentations and are ready to speak about native plants and environmentally sound gardening at your event. Please use the form at the bottom of this page and our Speakers/Presentation Team will contact you to make arrangements.

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Presentation Descriptions

Follow the Davis Family’s journey as Laura’s son prompts them to transition their suburban lawn to a pollinator garden by growing native plants. Laura’s delightful presentation tells the highs and as a result, how to avoid some challenges encountered when converting a suburban lawn. For example, how to deal with code enforcement and rabbits.

First, we will cover why natives are much better than non-natives for you, birds & wildlife, and the environment. Then you will go home with lists of good natives to add to your garden as well as sample native garden plans. 

Learn how our native plants support our native birds from habitat to food. First, we will start with the basics that all birds will benefit from. Then, and most importantly, we build to a highlighted look at a few species and their specific needs.

We need many more acres of native plants to heal the earth. Meanwhile, learn the breadth of where native plants can grow and how to get them there. 

Above all this presentation will cover how to plan and plant for a wonderful garden this year. Most importantly, the discussion of soil, plant choices, and climate change adaptation will be included.

What to do to prepare your garden for winter, while helping to make spring clean-up easier. Fall plants and bulbs will also be discussed. 

In this fun presentation with powerpoint, you will learn the parts of a botanical name and how to pronounce them, as well as why it is much better to use a botanical name rather than the common or vernacular name.

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