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Wild Whimsy

Since 2015, Johanna keeps finding ways to squeeze more native plants onto her fifth-acre plot without completely forsaking areas of lawn that grew in naturally (bunnies love the dandelions and clover). A few cultivars remain, but overall, Johanna’s garden is roughly 90% straight species, the majority sourced from Wild Things Rescue Nursery. 

Delicious Addition

An avid veggie gardener as well, she and her husband greatly benefit from foodscaping. Johanna has even documented sweat bees pollinating their tomato plants—a much rarer sight than bumbles. Regrettably, there are no oaks or pawpaws as they would shade out the vegetable beds; only smaller trees and shrubs. Upcoming projects include a drought-tolerant front bed and a ‘mud puddle’ pond in the back. 

I’ve become one of those people. You know the type; nearly every conversation is an opportunity to mention wildlife gardening, and if the conversation doesn’t go that way, you momentarily fade out wondering how to turn the talk over to larval hosts. Yes, I’m having fun here…. sort of. 

– Johanna’s own words.

Gardening Philosophy

With no formal gardening background, Johanna’s philosophy is simple and direct: Use nature as a guide. Watch and listen. When a problem of human perspective arises, she asks, WWNLD? Greatly influenced by Nancy Lawson, The Humane Gardener, and the ever-present urgency of plummeting insect populations, she has learned to do what’s best for wildlife, not for herself or for the neighbors. 

Johanna still has a lot to learn and welcomes feedback from Wild Ones members!

In the News

Johanna’s garden was also highlighted in the Simply Saratoga Home & Garden publication. Read the full article here:

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