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Chris Burghart Garden

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A Slowly and Constantly Evolving Landscape … When Chris moved to Juniper Place in 2012, with the exception of the mature maples, there were less than ten plants on the property. That year three rhododendrons and a handful of perennials were added and in 2014 more defined beds were formed. In 2016, the sandy circle […]

Johanna Garrison Garden 

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Wild Whimsy Since 2015, Johanna keeps finding ways to squeeze more native plants onto her fifth-acre plot without completely forsaking areas of lawn that grew in naturally (bunnies love the dandelions and clover). A few cultivars remain, but overall, Johanna’s garden is roughly 90% straight species, the majority sourced from Wild Things Rescue Nursery.  Delicious Addition An avid veggie gardener as well, she and her husband greatly benefit from foodscaping. Johanna has even documented sweat bees pollinating their tomato plants—a much rarer […]