Beyond The Garden

While we may find there is always work to do within the garden it is becoming more and more apparent that there is another arena that deserves attention. The good news this arena will be perfect for those who say they have no “green thumb” or maybe do not live somewhere with a garden to tend.


One great option is to volunteer your time and skills to our chapter. Just as any other organization out there our Wild Ones chapter still needs leadership and volunteers. There are many opportunities that require little time such as running one of the social media accounts, hanging flyers for upcoming events, or spending a few hours at an outreach event talking to the public about our mission. If you have more time then coordinating an event, organizing a native garden, or holding a leadership position may be an option. Regardless of the amount of time you have or what your skill set is please reach out to our current leadership and we will help find a place for you.

Reach Out to other Organizations

Take a look around your town and you will start to see plenty of areas that could incorporate native plants. Have you ever wanted to reach out to an HOA, Developer, write a letter to the editor, Town Council, or a store then check out Purple Pollinator! Here you will find support and even templates that you can customize to send out.

Manucipialties and HOA’s

Start attending your local municipalities and HOA meetings even if you have nothing to add. By doing this you start to build a relationship with those leaders. Pay attention to what they are already discussing and start to suggest ecologically ethical alternatives when appropriate. For more on this topic check GreenTown Consulting.  

Make a Donation

Membership fees are split between Wild One’s national and our local chapter. This is great because it ensures we make an impact at both levels. If your time is limited then consider making a larger donation direct to our chapter so we can continue our work. If a one time large donation is hard on the budget consider making a smaller monthly donation. Every little bit helps in promoting the use of native plants and natural landscapes.

Share our Events

Check out our event calendar to see which events you can attend. Bring a friend with you or if you can’t make it ask a friend to attend. We try to keep our events free and open to the public so spread the word! When applicable we record our online events so share our Youtube channel with those who are interested in native plants.