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Thank you for viewing our Media Kit, make sure to check back frequently as we will update information as we go. Here you can find details about our organization, chapter, leadership, and press releases. Also included are a few quotes from well-known professionals who support our mission. At the end is also a short form to contact our media team.

Press Release

Native Plant Garden Design

-Wild Ones has expanded its free native plant garden designs on the website. Here gardeners can learn more about their local ecoregions and the native plants that flourish there. Along with how to include them in their own gardens and how to maintain them in an environmentally friendly way.

Native Plant Seed Swap 2022
– We have expanded our popular Native Plant Seed Swap with the help of the Nature Center at Thacher Park. In addition to the Seed Swap, we will also be offering a bake sale with native plant ingredients, crafts that utilize native plants, and presentations on several topics.

“Gardening is like cooking. It is tempting to cook only with the goal of achieving great taste, with no thought of healthy eating, but that often results in tasty concoctions so full of fat, sugar, and salt that they are deadly in the long run. Similarly, it is tempting to garden only for beauty, without regard to the many ecological roles our landscapes must perform. All too often, such narrow gardening goals result in a landscape so low in ecological function that it drains the vitality from the surrounding ecosystem.”

― Douglas W. Tallamy, Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation that Starts in Your Yard

Wild Ones Capital Region New York

In May of 2021, a core group of local citizens came together to found the Capital Region NY chapter, which was granted a charter in September of the same year. Learn more about our leadership team here. New York native plants play an important role in the ecosystem. They should be incorporated into our backyards, farms, and community gardens not restricted to preserves and parks. Our chapter mainly focuses on Albany County and the bordering counties of Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, and Schoharie. We do welcome those in other areas who are interested in what we do to attend an event, review our free resources, and read our blog.

Wild Ones Capital Region NY display table complete with native plant floral arrangements. Image for Media Kit and encouraged for the press to use.

Wild Ones Native Plants, Natural Landscapes

Wild Ones, which was formed in 1977, is currently headquartered at The Wild Center in Wi. As of the fall of 2022, there are chapters in 29 states with over 100 locations and over 8,000 members! This arrangement allows all of our members to support our cause on both the national and local levels! As an actively growing organization, we encourage everyone to look into membership. However, if there is not a chapter near you as there is plenty of support to start one!

Growing a natural habitat garden is also one of the most important things each of us can do to help restore a little order to a disordered world.

Ken Druse

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