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Wild Cucumber

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Echinocystis lobata is one of the many native vine plants here in New York. The vine gracefully grows up trees and over hedge rows with a mutual agreement so no harm is done to the supporting plant. As an annual, the vine itself only lives for one year so it won’t strangle a host plant. […]

Jack in the Pulpit Highlight

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Arisaema stewardsonii is typically thought of as a spring ephemeral since that is when it blooms. However, if one were to continue watching, a stunning seed head will form in the fall! While most homes are built on land that has been drained off, this swamp-loving plant will sometimes grace homeowners with more wet and shady […]

Giant Yellow Hyssop Highlight

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Hyssop is a popular plant to attract pollinators to their garden. However, the native Giant Yellow Hyssop is considered endangered here in New York. If you are looking to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden then this is a must-have. Another great perk is that this one is deer resistant. Growing Conditions Place the […]

Jewelweed Highlight

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Jewelweed is another plant with “weed” in the common name and, while it may grow like a weed, there is so much more to this fantastic native plant! Spotted Jewelweed Impatiens capensis and Pale Jewelweed Impatiens pallida are the two species that live here in the Capital Region of New York. Make sure to add […]

Spicebush Replaces Forsythia

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Spicebush replaces Forsythia as a harbinger of Spring! Makes a great title even if it is a bit of a misnomer. Spicebush has been around for quite some time and because of that, it does so much more than make a seasonal privacy fence. Forsythia’s Rise in Popularity Now many of you may be wondering […]


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Also known as Milkweed, even though it is not a weed, but in fact a widely beneficial native plant. This plant puts out leaves in early spring but doesn’t bloom until the summer months. In the fall watch for the seed pods to burst open in a dazzling show. Don’t forget to leave the stems […]


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Once again it is winter and the evergreen trees are taking center stage. The hemlock drops needles too much making it not a prized Christmas tree however our native hemlock looks beautiful on the snowy landscape. Tsuga canadensis has provided much-needed shelter for example the Ruffed Grouse, and food for wildlife such as the porcupine […]